Saturday, 6 July 2013

New York New York Part 2

The show started and what a show it was, I am yet to experience anything like it, at one point they closed the venue because it had reached it's capacity of 120,000 people.  
The costuming or cosplay if you want to call it that was amazing. My favourite piece of "performance art" was a fellow dressed as the Joker who had a life size Robin dummy. He would stop drop the dummy on the ground and start beating it with crowbar recreating the scene from the original death in the family. He would then just move on to the next spot. Fans making the effort to be a part of the festivities by simply wear a pair of Hulk hands up to the most elaborate outfits you could imagine. 
The variations and effort that fans went to was truly inspiring. Even pets get in on the joy and excitement of the day.

The diversity of what was there, from gaming to comic books to film and television. Endless rows of artists showing the wares. Fans pitching their fan films, an entire area dedicated to pod casters who were doing "live shows" from the event. This was a wonderland of epic proportions.

But the time came for us to launch of project and to do this we had the help of long-time friend Richard Hatch. 

Amongst the thousands at New York Comic Con a crowd gathered to see what all the fuss  and giant countdown timer was all about, the Apollo Project was launched, no not an attempt to land a man on the moon, but a global voting and awards event for Sci-fi fantasy. I will discuss the Apollo Project in a future blog. Whilst the project is yet to be fully realized the memoires of that weekend and the fans and frenzy of such a large convention will long stay with me.

I never got to a single panel or workshop or saw much of the event itself. I did a quick stroll around when I had the opportunity but not long enough to  fully take it all in. Yet the excitement, fun and wonder was infectious.  To miss quote a certain Time Lord " One I shall come back again, yes I shall come back"

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