Friday, 26 July 2013

Apollo's Part 2

The Apollo Awards were born. The opportunity for fans worldwide to show the main stream media that we did have a voice and it was a loud one. That we weren't just a bunch of strange people that dressed up and lived in the basements of our parents or similar places.

Science fiction and fantasy products ruled the world when it came to making money for studios etc and we wanted it known that we deserved to have our thoughts and opinions heard and respected. So we set off to help the world have their say. That's the two of us on the right,in an early planning meeting  at the home of our creative consultant, see we had people with important titles working on this, this was a planning day to start chasing the funding for the project.

Then something interesting happened, we discovered it wasn't enough to  simply have this great idea, one we knew the world would embrace and rally around. We found out the need for the business structure that went with it. The hours spent creating business and marketing plans and strategies for how to approach which company and organization. When and where to meet , how to say what needed to be said but in such away that it was not asking for a hand out. And thus was born 101010 Productions Pty Ltd.

This was created for the sole purpose of staging "The Apollo Awards". For those really clever ones reading this you will of course have worked out the 101010 is binary for 42, the answer to life the universe and everything. Yes we are that conceited to name our company that way because we had all the answers.  With this side of things completed  we went in search of sponsors ( if only Leonard Nimoy had hosted this in search of) and we found tremendous support and enthusiasm and encouragement for the project but alas no money. 

We became even more creative and redesigned the whole show but it was just not possible to be able to stage the event and the associated voting that went with it. So by know you are all thinking wow this is a bit of a bummer blog, lost dreams and hopes. Shattered  beliefs and expectations. But it's not. Many things that were created along this journey are still happening and in no small way this honours what we started out doing.

Soon I'll be blogging about "The Pythia Festival" about the "Australian Fan Awards", and a host of other activities all of which were born from and created to support "The Apollo Awards"

Are "The Apollo Awards" dead and gone? Let me  quote one of my life long hero's, Captain James T. Kirk.

"There are always possibilities" Spock would say.

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